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Soft Launch.....
(Please feel free to drop me a line your comments on this website!)

This website should be launched 25 years ago, somehow, it happens now…..

This website is dedicated for “HIM” Remus Choy but for “WE” Grasshopper, but indeed, many contents are involved “WE”.

It might be too late to announce as there are both official and unofficial websites are available to browse from the internet nowadays.   I am not going to challenge or offend any of the existing websites but just do it ‘coz I am a fan of HIM. 

The main purpose to create this, of course, to let more and more peoples around the world get to know “HIM” and “WE” and therefore, will try to present both in English and Chinese and more upon request in this website. 

The more I say, the more I get mistakes, so it is better to stop here and hope you all are enjoy to this website.


...Remus Choy...